Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is a compliance with annual information that demonstrates to a country's comptroller body that companies are paying the fair and reasonable tax with respect to commercial transactions carried out between cross-border related companies, for example, intercompany loans or centralized deposits (cash pooling).

When a startup goes international, the need arises to analyze, establish and document Transfer Prices.

  • Preparation of reports
  • Development of financial analysis.
  • Comparable search.
  • Preparation of tax returns.
  • Studies and analysis for different countries in the region.
  • Advice and technical assistance.
  • Tax planning.

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Latam Controller

In the dynamic and volatile context that a startup goes through when working in more than one country, dealing with different law firms and accountants is usually very overwhelming since they have different cultures, processes, times and regulations. 

Through our International Desk we offer a comprehensive one Stop Shop solution and a Single Point of Contact to our clients so that they can carry everything centralized, ensuring reporting times and compliance with current legislation in each country, in the different countries of Latin America and Spain. We provide international coverage through our subsidiaries and partner network.

We ensure the same processes, with the same quality, in all the countries in which we operate, based on the cloud and our homogeneous procedure.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is a compliance with annual information that demonstrates to a country's comptroller body that companies are paying the fair and reasonable tax with respect to commercial transactions carried out between cross-border related companies, for example, intercompany loans or centralized deposits (cash pooling).


Experience tells us that an entrepreneur is always a person with multiple complex challenges simultaneously and with scarce resources. That is why we develop a practical and efficient approach to the legal needs of your startup. 

Nuestro equipo asesora regularmente a los emprendedores y sus empresas brindándoles soluciones en todas las etapas de expansión en mercados internacionales. 

We provide the service of a law firm with the specialization required by startups, angel investors and Venture Capitals. We are your legal safeguard from the creation to the formation and expansion of your company.


Payroll management is one of the most sensitive areas in any organization. When it comes to international payroll management, the job takes on an additional degree of complexity.

Our Payroll team is committed to security and confidentiality in the process of preparing and outsourcing your company's payroll, complying with current legislation so that your collaborators feel safe and you are calm. We are prepared to work together with your Human Resources department to reach the appropriate solution to your needs and avoid errors or potential conflicts with your staff.

Tax Compliance

We ensure compliance with local and international taxes for your company by adopting a proactive approach. We train and are attentive to the latest regulations and laws to identify key opportunities in tax planning.  

BPO: Accounting Outsourcing and Administration

The basis for decision making is accurate, timely and reliable information. At we adapt to each of the growth stages and we contribute to the correct decision-making, recording the operations generated by our clients on the day to day and preparing monthly reports, while they focus on the fundamentals: developing their business and expanding it internationally. We also take care of the administrative tasks of your financial departments, issuance of invoices, payments, collections, etc.


  • Decrease in fixed costs
  • Adaptability according to the volume and need of the startup.
  • More agile and efficient responses to constant business changes
  • Focus of talents, resources and efforts on the strategic aspects of your business.

International Tax Planning

We cover the needs of global companies from day 1. We advise you on your cross border transactions so that you always pay the right amount in each country in which you operate.

Tax planning is a dynamic and fundamental area when it comes to optimizing results and minimizing risks. Our professionals specialized in international taxes provide you with support in all aspects and tax complexities of the different stages of your startup and global transactions.

Consultanos sobre el análisis fiscal de operaciones internacionales, planificación y estructuración internacional, convenios de doble imposición, BEPS, FATCA, intercambio de información entre países, due diligence, precios de transferencia y planificación patrimonial.

Most of our clients and inquiries result from the analysis of jurisdictions such as Uruguay, United States, United Kingdom, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, etc.

CFO as a Service

Bringing an external CFO according to your needs in the early stages of your company is very important to make better decisions. We take care of analyzing and monitoring the financial status of your company, helping to translate company metrics into information that the rest of the team and founders can use to make strategic decisions: when to make additional hires, when to increase sales or spend on marketing, how a prospect would affect profitability, etc.

Due Dilligence

Startups are in constant search of financing and these processes require periodic information on the financial situation of the company. Due Diligence is the auditing process in which a third party issues a report for potential buyers or investors interested in your company. This compilation of information allows to know in what state it is, identifying its strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats that, regardless of the result of the potential operation, is an opportunity for improvement. 

For Due Dilligence to be a path of success, you need the experience of those who have already gone through this.


Auditing is one of the most sensitive services for companies and is both a unique opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the company about itself and about the industry in which it operates. For the audit service to be safe, efficient and useful, the review, compilation and preparation of the information must be excellent, but also fast. These indicators are what guide our service. 

Tenemos un amplio conocimiento y experiencia en normas locales, internacionales (IFRS) y americanas (USGAAP).  

 We focus not only on carrying out established procedures, but we also seek to add value, detecting improvement opportunities that are useful for our clients.


We plan the arrival at each new destination so that your disembarkation is efficient.

¿What do we do? 

We accompany the creation process of many companies in Latin America and Spain and we help more than 100 startups to internationalize. Through our International desk we plan, design and execute everything you need to start operating in a new country. 

Our model is based on the following pillars:

-Efficiency in time and money
-Systemic and international look at the structure
-Homogeneous processes
-Reduction of distances.
-Management of the challenges of different laws, culture, customs, currencies and language.

Recovery of Tax Credits

We provide specific advice to recover balances of tax credits in favor, both at the national and provincial level. We analyze the problem and the cause of the generation of the credit balance and present a solution and advice for implementation within the framework of current legislation.

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