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From a single HUB we solve everything you need to internationalize your company.

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We offer you a systemic vision of your business so that you can operate efficiently in each market and access new destinations.


Global companies are challenged to keep up with the various regulations required by the jurisdictions of the countries where they operate. The needs of startups are constantly changing, as do the tax rules and practices in each destination. Adapting to these changes requires constant updating and specific knowledge on tax and commercial issues.

Our International Desk allows us to provide a 360-degree view of your global operations through a single contact point between your startup and our headquarters in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Our team of experts made up of professionals in international tax, finance and legal matters, takes care of managing all your needs in the countries where you operate. While you take care of the management of your business and your clients, we take charge of your financial planning in all your operations centers to protect you against the different tax and regulatory changes, taking into account your needs and commercial interests.

Ask about our service Latam Controller Remoto y por los beneficios que ofrecemos en nuestros hubs para que tu landing sea más efectivo.

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Global coverage with local expertise

We provide support all around the region through our international desk and our partners in Latin America and Spain. Our professionals are specialized in tax, legal, foreign currency exchange and financial matters.

Precision advice

We are obsessive about optimization. We maintain the most demanding quality standards in all our processes to provide excellent services.

Mixed intelligence

We combine the talent of our professionals with the support of cloud systems and technologies that allow us to better manage data to make decisions with you.

F1 counters

When it comes to seizing opportunities or solving a problem, speed does matter. With a help desk operating 24 hours a day. we are attentive to respond when you need it most.

Single point of contact

We solve, plan and manage anything you need through our Remote Latam Controller. Focus on your business. Let us take care of your taxes, accounting and finance to accompany you to the next level.

100% Digital Service

We are a remote company with headquarters and an international desk in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Our operating structure is specially designed to guarantee agile responses and the availability of our team, from any country in Latin America.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We are entrepreneurs like you. We have been learning and improving our service for more than 10 years. We understand your passion because we also breathe startups 24 hours a day.

We streamline the monitoring of your business with the support of management systems in the cloud and our digital archive for all your documents.

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